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When a business sets up a website, the next challenge is to let people know that it exists. There are several ways to do this to include traditional advertising, web marketing, search-engine optimization, and article submission. Article submission usually consists of writing informative and helpful articles about some aspect of a business and then submitting them to free article submission directories. These directories work much like the link directories except they provide something a reader can use which can be beneficial to your business. Article submission is normally a part of any search engine optimization (SEO) effort for a website and it provides additional benefits in some of the following ways.

Submitting articles to free directories builds backlinks to your website. Building backlinks is an effective way to get search engines to find the website referenced in the links and index it. The more articles out there with links to you site, the higher your page rank will climb.

It brings in targeted traffic. Usually, when someone is reading your article, they have some type of interest that drew them to it in the first place. When the article has a backlink to your website, there is a good chance they will follow that link. If your website offers a product or service that could solve the reader’s problem, this same person may end up buying it.

For a business, well-written articles published on the internet helps with credibility. They can establish a website’s business proprietor as an expert in the field. Just as in word-of-mouth advertising, well-written articles tell others on the web of a possible solution to their need.


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